Saulat & Vaijayanti.

We met in 2013 via a common friend who thought we should collaborate and boy are we glad he did! We hit it off from the first wedding we shot together. A few years, a lot of weddings & many, many bottles of wine later; Cinnamon Pictures was born - and now occupies a huge part of both our lives. We've become the best of friends—and far better creatives—in the process. 

We are very proud that our work reflects the things we are most passionate about - human connection & honest storytelling. We believe the quality of the work we produce is better because we create it together, and we mentor & lead a team better together too.

Our core value has been to maintain integrity at all times. We mean what we say, and we deliver what we promise. We are like family to each other and that’s also the way we want you, as our clients, to feel at the end of the day.



“Do you want a stress free wedding? Do you want happy, smiling, patient, energetic photographers around you? Do you want beautiful captured candid photographs to cherish for the rest of your life? Do you want to have a team that makes you feel like they are your friends/family and not strangers in your face on your big day?
DON'T LOOK FURTHER!! We can't stress enough on how amazing this team is!
We had happy tears & relived every moment of our wedding through the amazing photos & cinematic films!”


What are your charges/packages?

Each wedding we have come across has been unique and different. This is why all our packages are custom built to suit each wedding. The cost is based on how many days you need us for, how many events, the size or scale of the wedding and the different services you require.
Only after a conversation with you to understand your requirement in detail, do we arrive at an estimate for our services.
Please feel free to drop us a message and we can take it from there.

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

We are currently based out of Bangalore, India.
We absolutely love to travel and have covered wedding assignments all over the country & internationally.

Any special rates for outstation/destination weddings?

The prices for our services remain the same, no matter where we shoot.
However, in any outstation or destination weddings, the travel and accommodation for our team will be added at actuals; unless we are specifically asked for an all-inclusive quote.
No over-the-top demands from us though. We book for whatever is most reasonable fare during the required dates. As for the accommodation, we prefer to stay as a guest of the family and/or close by for easy maneuvering during the events. A clean, comfortable room would be our only expectation.

How many people will be on your team?

We avoid bringing in a huge crowd of photographers & cinematographers as that beats our purpose of being non-intrusive.
The team size will really depend the services you need + the size and scale of your wedding. Once we understand your requirement in detail, we then suggest what we believe would be the ideal team size.

What all does your wedding package include?

What you get out of our services and what you will be paying for:
* Artistic photography or cinematography services by experienced professionals
* Rigorous selection, story-flow and editing process for your images & film
* Professionally edited hi-resolution images & HD films via cloud sharing

Additional deliverables (based on your selection) can include the following:
* Couple shoot
* Custom designed photo books & premium albums
* Traditional/Conventional wedding photography & videography
* Live streaming of events
* Drones/Cranes for extensive coverage
* Same-day film & photo edits

Can we have the original RAW footage?

We do not hand over RAW images or footage but would like to assure you that we carefully go through all of the images & footage and just as carefully choose only the very best to be edited and presented to you, while also staying true to our aesthetic and hard-work.
"Asking a photographer to hand over raw images is akin to asking an author to present you with their book in the manuscript format: unedited, unformatted, & including paragraphs/chapters that didn’t make it.”

What is your delivery timeline?

Delivery of the final set of photos takes 6-8 weeks; whereas deliver of cinematic films take a minimum of 12-14 weeks.
We do get asked why we need so much time while there are others who deliver much sooner.
The reason is that the creative process is different for all artists. We put a lot of care into reviewing, selecting, editing your project and over the years, we've learnt that giving ourselves this time & space enables us to create our best work. And we only want to deliver to you work that we are also proud of rather than something we would quickly put together under pressure.