Nidhi and Siddharth met for the first time on a trip to Coorg with mutual friends, where their friends saw the similarities in them and conspired to set them up. They were both studious, beloved by teachers and parents, and valued their families more than anything. From then on, Siddharth was seen trying to spend every free second of his time with Nidhi, assisted by their friends by bunking classes in their last semester of college, just so the lovebirds could have time to be with each other. And from then on, as one of their friends said, “They were so perfect for each other, that it just happened.”

Nidhi and Siddharth’s Marwadi wedding was a giant family love fest, just like they wanted. Everyone in attendance on the outskirts of Bangalore city at the sprawling venue of Eagleton, The Golf Resort, showed up for their love with all their enthusiasm. Beginning with their daytime haldi and mehendi, where Nidhi wore a pastel yellow and green lehenga choli, adorned with emerald jewellery, alongside Siddharth in a complementary pastel green outfit. Siddharth’s entrance to the venue was a massive baarat-like congregation, partying hard all the way, while Nidhi’s entrance was with a choreographed dance routine with her girls in matching pastel outfits, looking cinematic against the backdrop of a canopy of trees and coloured smoke.

The venue was draped in quirky boho decor with bright, warm colours, with a table of assorted bangles and sunglasses to beat the afternoon heat. The ceremony saw many incredible dance performances of the little kids of the family and the adolescent cousins, but the highlight was that of Nidhi’s younger sister’s performance, where she playfully teased her brother-in-law-to-be in fierce support of her didi. The couple was made to sit on a bright pink swing decorated with many elegant bunches of flowers, and showered with petals. Then, the dancing went on all afternoon.

In the evening was their Sangeet. Nidhi got dressed in her pastel blue-gray-silver intricately embroidered lehenga and walked over to Siddharth’s room while he was still getting dressed, and his jaw dropped when he saw her. The evening saw a series of meticulously planned and practiced dance numbers where everyone was in perfect sync and no one was left behind. An especially special one of these was by Nidhi’s baby cousins, which reduced her to tears, and then made her laugh as they spun her around and danced with her, showering her with affection. A final romantic performance by Nidhi and Siddharth under a dreamy backdrop and spotlights had the audience moved. Everybody joined them on the dance floor and they all danced till they dropped.

The morning of their Hindu Marwadi wedding, a determined-looking Siddharth was dressed in an ornate white sherwani with a pink dupatta and pearls around his neck. The women of his family were seen wearing matching purple and pink outfits, as the huge baarat danced their way over to Nidhi. Keeping in theme of the soft pastels of the wedding, Nidhi wore a dusty rose bridal lehenga, embroidered in gold, with a statement necklace that spilled downwards from the base of her throat, complementing her outfit perfectly. All of Nidhi’s accompanying bridesmaids were also dressed in beautiful pastels colours, which truly looked like a fairytale when they led Nidhi to the mantap under a dreamy canopy of trees, amidst fallen leaves covering the earth around them. Nidhi followed right behind them, under a canopy covering her head held 

up by the men and boys in her family, arm-in-arm with her father. Nidhi’s parents were seen by her side through every step of the ceremony, gleaming at her, and they even had a little re-wedding ceremony of their own! It was very clear to see that family was the centre of Nidhi and Siddharth’s lives.

They wed under the covering of trees, in the midst of nature. They even had a jolly pandit who joked through the ceremony, and told them that he thought their pairing was a wonderful one, and that they will be happy together, forever.  See for yourself :)